Thursday, July 30, 2009

rockin J Crew

Here is my neighbor on her 91st birthday. My husband took this picture for an interview for our neighborhood newletter. She is wearing the J Crew Ikat pencil skirt and the cotton-silk ruffle swirl tank in warm shell.

My husband told me she was also carrying a J Crew bag. I was all like "ooo, which one!" (as if he would recognize a J Crew bag and could tell me the name). He said, "no, like a brown paper bag with J Crew written on it and string handles." Oh, that explains how he knew it was a J Crew bag.

She was also wearing the white hat but removed it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm back...

OK, it seems from my last post as if I got drunk and fell off the face of the earth....well - perhaps - but I am back.

Saw Calvin again today for the first time since the last time - heh - by which I mean when he offered us popcorn in the tunnel. We were leaving our Civic Council meeting (meets in the historic Methodist church) and he was walking by. He's got cancer (as he's told D in the past) and has bandages on the back of his head and neck. He said "How you doin" to us and D say "fine, how are you" and he said "I am blessed."

Holy fucking cow. He is homeless (not sure where he is staying now that he isn't in the tunnel). He's got cancer. He's got bandages on the back of his head and neck (I can't imagine how it feels in this heat - my God the heat). And when he said it, it seemed like he meant it - not like it was a line to get some cash (D did run after him to give him all his cash - three bucks).

It was good to see him again. It did make me feel blessed.

On another note, I finally tried out the steamer I got a while back. Gosh, I wish I had used it this morning. I wore a featherweight cashmere sweater (freshmint, I think) and since I hand wash, it was a little crumpled looking. I steamed my ivory cashmere sweater this afternoon - looked like brand new. I steamed the white tee I wore to the Civice Council meeting and it looked ever so nice. My goal is to try to steam the tees I wear outside the house and of course my cashmere. It seems so much easier than ironing (which I suck at).