Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vegas was awesome fun! But I did not score very high on the girlification scale. I think maybe minus 100? It was 4 couples and 2 of the girls spent a lot of the time shopping - sometimes all 3 of them. I spent my time hanging out with the stinky boys.

And I loved it! I can shop here - and I do. I've been to the Galleria since we've been back - to exchange some pants (size 8's for 6's - yay!) and spend some of my winnings! Well, not exactly winnings - but money I did not lose. I took $1,300 and came back with $1,000 - and I did a lot of gambling - I think I broke even on the gambling.

And I bought some shoes from Zappos (bought and returned for a larger size and got the new ones already!). And ordered some more stuff from the Crew online.

I played a lot of dollar video poker. I got a straight flush! I was awesome. I got dealt A-4 of diamonds and I asked my friend if I was going to the the 5. He said I was. And I did! It was pretty exciting. I had 4 of a kind like maybe 6 times also.

I lost my horse race bet but I have a golf bet still to come - I bet on Camilo Villegas to win the US Open next weekend. ha! We will see!

I polyvore'd everything I packed - but I never wore my dress jeans (didn't want to wear heels - I wore my pink converse sneakers the whole time except for one morning in the hotel I wore my skull flip flops). I never went to the pool. I never wore my nice strapless dress - but it washed up nicely so I ordered it in charcoal grey too. Because of the awesome shoes I got with the money I did not lose - a pair of shiny dull grey patent cole haan heels. They are over 3 inches and I wore them to work today with a new pair of grey JCrew pants (size 6!). They would actually be comfortable if they weren't so damn high (high for me). I think I will improve walking in high heels though?

ooooo - right now I'm wearing my favorite new pants - JCrew broken in boyfriend chinos. I would have gotten them even if they weren't size 4 (ha - yeah I had to ask the SA if he could get me a pair of these pants in grey in size 4!) ha! Anyway, the sizing has been all over the place for JCrew - these pants are something everyone is "sizing down in" but still cool.

Least girlified moment #1 - one of the guys, Crunk, saying "Jules, you're a dude. You're one of the dudes." ha. Thanks but no thanks. Although in Vegas I want to drink and gamble, not shop.

Least girlifited moment #2 - drinking 2 5-hour energy shots in a 3-hour period (all of us "dudes" did - it seemed like a good idea at the time - I honestly thought they were like my emergen-c thingies - vitamins - but obviously had some sort of stimulant in them. I don't do stimulants well - they make me cranky). And then yelling at the Cat for yelling at D (or so he said - we were all on the 5-hour energy shots) about wanting to have a nice dinner. Thinking about it, she probably didn't yell at him.

Heading out to neighborhood meeting now...

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