Tuesday, June 2, 2009

newsletter delivery

Yesterday D and I delivered the newsletter to our section of the neighborhood. It's a transitional neighborhood - old houses in good shape, old houses falling down, new townhomes, new houses that are quite spectacular, business and industry.

Our delivery area includes a street that is alongside the railroad track. I would never drive on this street - it doesn't seem right for cars but cars do drive on it and the trash truck even goes down it. I think it is one way on one side of the track and the other way on the other side of the track - but I'm not sure. Some of the mailboxes are on this street so we walk down it to deliver the newsletters. There is a collection of six or eight small shacks near the main road off the rail road track road. Some are not occupied (front door boarded over) but some are. We deliver there. Then head down the track (actually walking on the track because there isn't any other place else to walk - the street just kind of peters out but there are still mailboxes there). I keep looking back over my shoulder and down the track in front, checking for trains.

I always think about the mail carrier and what it would be like to be one. Some days, probably pretty nice.

Yesterday there was a white pit-bull looking dog about a block down on the track road. We took a detour and went down the side street. D went and got the houses we missed. Even though I have an excessive number of cats, I do like dogs. But pit bulls can be kind of scary.

Once, delivering another section of the neighborhood, there was a pit-bull looking dog on a chain - but the chain wasn't attached to anything. "That dog's not on a chain" is what I told D - even though technically it was. It was kind of menacing D - D had my men's J Crew messenger bag - that's what he carries the newsletters in. He was planning on using it to defend himself if the dog attacked. And I was willing to let him! I was right by a landscaper's trailer - I was ready to grab a hoe or shovel if need be. Luckily, D was able to back away from the dog and we went on with our route, skipping a house or two.

Newsletter delivery outfit:
J Crew khaki bermudas from a year or 2 ago
Purpley blue dri fit top from Target
Nike running shoes
bandaids on my little toes because of my earlier shopping outfit:

7 bootcut jeans
white J Crew perfect fit tee
new Skecher platform slides (which were pretty comfortable except for blistering my little toes)

I got a Dressy Jersey Strapless Dress in Marine Aqua - size M at the J Crew B&M.

I also got my J Crew order yesterday:
Fresh Mint featherweight cashmere sweater in XL - actually goes with the Jersey Marine Aqua dress in a weird way
Breeze perfect fit tee in XL
Cowgirl vintage wash jeans size 28
soft seashell cashmere henley in XL
And 2 pairs of size 8 pants that are too big - a khaki Bistro pant and a pewter Saturday pant. I'll return these to the B&M and see if they have them there in a 6.

Girlification factor: +7

wore shoes other than sneakers shopping
delivered newsletters
bought a dress

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