Friday, May 29, 2009

Maui Jim's

I had to get gas today - I don't get gas often b/c I don't drive very far usually and D gets gas for me a lot of the time. Yeah, he's awesome. I stuck my credit card in the slot but it did nothing. I looked at the pic and I was doing it right. I pushed some of the buttons and still nothing.

I went in to tell the clerk it wasn't working - I was annoyed. I expect things to work properly. I gave him my credit card and went to fill up. While I was filling up, I was looking at the display for the credit card. I could faintly make out a Thank you message. I lifted up my sunglasses and the display came into view. I couldn't see the display because of my Maui Jim's - which I love. They are my second pair of Maui Jim's - my first pair is in the Gulf of Mexico.

I told the clerk that the pump was ok and I couldn't see the display b/c of my sunglasses. He laughed and told me they were getting new pumps next month. I could see the gas dispensing part of the display fine.

I still love my Maui Jim's.

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