Friday, May 29, 2009

Volleyball is awesome!!!

We are playing volleyball again after not playing for 2 years. Thanks Jimmy for setting it up! Yay Jimmy! Last night was the second night. Playing better already. Had some really good sets - which is what I'm best at. Ha - I find it hard to bump the ball properly - every bump turns into a set.

Crazy John's wife played with us and he was either a little calmer or I'm tuning him out more. He brought a camcorder and since we have 4 guys the guys rotate in and out so they were recording for a while. Crazy John set me and I had a good hit over the net and my team goes crazy. Ha - I think they were hamming it up for the camera but it was fun. The net is super low which makes it easier to hit it over. It felt good.

My volleyball outfit was:

Navy JCrew long board shorts from several years ago. I wish they still made these.
Purple Champion dri-fit top from Target.
Brown rubber JCrew flip flops.

Hey, yeah, I know it didn't really match. But the dri-fit type stuff is so much cooler than cotton. And board shorts go with sand volleyball.

We won all 4 games - the first one we barely one. It's city ball, so we play to 15 points or for 15 minutes, whichever comes first. The other team had been ahead. Then it was my serve - I got all 3 or 4 in and we were up one point then side out. They served and side out. Then the ref called time and we won. It was good that I got my serves in - we needed all the points. I think the rest of the games were pretty much blow outs.

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