Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Had a good birthday weekend starting with a 2-mile run Thursday morning. To get to the running trail, we have to walk through a short tunnel under a rail road track. The tunnel is closed off from the road - making it sort of private. It's used by the homeless as a toilet and/or a place to sleep. Calvin (probably not his real name - just what D and I call him) has been sleeping there for a week or 2. He was sitting up on his bedroll eating a bag of microwave popcorn. He says good morning to us and asks us if we want some popcorn. We politely decline. I think he'd made the popcorn the day before. Because there isn't a microwave in the tunnel.

It was weird but normal. Like if someone dropped by my house just as I was popping a bag of corn, I would naturally offer them some.

Thursday night, volleyball. For the first time in 2 years. It was awesome to play again. Unfortunately, our team is the jerk team b/c we picked up this guy John who doesn't shut up. He is "just joking" but super obnoxious. We were beating the crap out of this team and he just won't shut up. Arrrgh - hopefully he won't show up this week but I know he will.

Today I'm going back to the eye dr. New contacts - not working out so great actually. Got my left eye set for near and my right set for far. Gonna have her set them both the same and pick up a pair of readers for when I need them. Yuck. But I think with the contacts different my eyes track wrong - like lazy eye. Not a good look for me.

Plus I'm going to return the Anthropologie dress. Don't think I will end up wearing it...unless we are going to have the party for my dad...heh. We'll see about the dress.

I got lots of nice presents from D - he had presents for me Friday (my birthday), Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It was a total birthday weekend! Got a book on Dali and a poster, a book by Henry Rollins, a Vince Vaughn movie (I collect Vince Vaughn movies).

Plus had a drink and then pushed the button to order my JCrew cart. Nothing from the new collection - a couple of feather weight cashmere sweaters, a perfect fit tee, a pair of jeans, 2 pairs of pants...I think that is it....

This morning went for a run - Calvin wasn't there. There was a stack of books in the tunnel - something by or about Billy Graham and another Jesus book on top. Don't know if they were Calvin's or not.

Haven't showered or dressed yet from my run so:

Girlification factor: +2 (for running!)

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