Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I got a pair of boot cut 7 jeans and a dress at Anthropologie. Neither on sale - but 15% off with my birthday card. And dress is dry clean only - so much for washable. But nice - dusty pink w/ embroidery. Where will I wear it? Who knows? 7 jeans are nice - shrunk enough in the length so I can wear them with heels and not have to have them hemmed. Perfect!

My corneas are beautiful (per eye dr). My teeth are pretty (per hygenist after cleaning). I wore:

pink J Crew perfect tee
new J Crew ragged jeans (forget exact name)
pink striped J Crew tie belt from several years back
J Crew pearl necklace looped twice
for dentist, J Crew summerweight cashmere cardigan in snow - left it home for the rest of the day. It had warmed up a bit and the eye dr. is not super cool.

so with wearing pink and pearls and cashmere and buying a pink dress and taking care of my eyes and teeth -

Girlification factor: +7.

But today, work meeting so probably J Crew black cotton stretch boot cut pants (do not know name - kind of old) and long sleeved shirt and short black boots. Need something to spice up work wardrobe....

Oh and I've lost 14.9 pounds so far. nice. probably about 4 more to go.

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